Absolute Slacklines is a visionary Canadian venture that promotes and provides slackline kits and other slackline products, as well as information about slacklining, tips, tutorial videos, pictures, community networks and more.

We are proud to be pioneers in the world of slacklining in Canada and providing slackliners with quality equipment to enjoy a safe slacklining experience.

More than a brand, we are a philosophy. We believe that harmony and balancing on the slackline is part of finding our equilibrium as integral beings, that is to say, in taking care of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our humanness. Slacklining means more to us than just having fun and doing tricks. To us Slacklining is a spiritual practise, a path, it is developing discipline and perseverance, it is paying attention to small details, it is being perfectionists and it is having fun.

We believe Slacklining is an amazing activity that provides the slackliner with lots of physical benefits as well as creating mental toughness. Just like many other slackline members have already mentioned, “slacklining is like meditation in movement”; it feeds your soul.

We want to be an inspiration for many other slackliners and promote this wonderful and complete sport in a safe and fun way. Just like any new sport, there is lots of room for creativity and the limits are only in your mind; however, we would like to remind you to always follow your common sense and intuition, so as to enjoy and have fun Slacklining for many more years to come.

The Way You Walk is More Important Than The Destination.


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