X-man” is the founder of Absolute Slacklines and Slacklining Canada. He has been practising slacklining for over 5 years now and even though he loves all branches of slacklining, he focuses more on tricklining and Slackline Yoga. Slacklining was for him a “love at first sight affair,” while watching a yogi performing yoga on a slackline several years ago in Montreal. Since then, slacklining has become his ultimate passion. He is also the founder of Slackline Vancouver and has extensive experience teaching beginners to improve their slacklining skills and technique. One of his main accomplishments has been to spread the sport all over Canada and South America as well as contributing to the creation of an integral slacklining community that includes people from all ages, backgrounds and professions without distinction. “Slacklining is indeed one of the best meditations I’ve tried so far, a ‘meditation in movement’ since you really have to focus all your attention and effort on your whole body, your breath, and your mind has little or no time to think; then and only then, you may experience a Satori.” ~ Xavier

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