The Importance of Using a Safety Back-Up Line when Tricklining

Slacklining in Canada has been evolving for the last few years and with it one of the most trendy slacklining styles: tricklining.

Tricklining, as its names implies, consists of performing tricks or stunts on a slackline (e.g.: jumping, chest bounces, butt bounces, etc.) and for that two things are necessary: a trickline and a lot of tension.

Absolute Slacklines is the first Canadian Slacklining venture and is also a pioneer in regards to promoting safety guidelines and proper slackline equipment. We are passionate slackliners and we design our products especially for slackliners.

We have witnessed that no other brand of slacklines incorporates a safety Back-up Line – an additional webbing to secure the ratchet – so that the ratchets won’t cause accidents should the main anchor webbing break.

The proper use of slackline ratchets is very important since a failure of the system or an improper setup can cause accidents and even death. There have been such accidents in other countries, in a few occasions with tragic consequences, and that is why we have been including a Back-up webbing in all our Absolute Puma tricklines since the end of 2014.

slackline back-up

Also, in order to increase even more safety levels when tricklining our new tricklines (Puma 2.0 and Aerial Pro – available in May 2015) include now stronger anchors and ratchets that can stand about 5 tons of tension.

We have also added our Back-Up Sling to our shop as an additional product for those who have older versions of slacklines or other brands.

Thank you for your support and trust and would greatly appreciate if you can share this information with your slacklining friends or family members to make sure we can continue building and promoting a safe slacklining community.

Happy Slack!

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