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Alfa is a strong and robust 1″ polyester webbing specifically designed for those who want to start walking longer distances. Alfa is a webbing with character and an added touch of dynamics thanks to its low stretch and tighly-knitted fibers. Its black stripes represent the Yin while the white center symbolizes the Yang. They intertwine with each other so that only you can transcend this duality and become one.


Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS)32 kN (7,190 lbf)
Working Load Limit (WLL)6.4 kN (1,438 lbf)
Webbing Weight62 g/m
Webbing Width25 mm
Webbing Thickness3.1mm
Elongation @ 10 kN10.5%
Elongation @ WLL6.3%
  • Lowlines
  • Longlines
  • Water Lines
  • Rodeo Lines
Optimal Line Lengths
  • 15 – 30m (50 – 100 ft)
  • 30 – 60m (100 – 200 ft)
  • 60 – 100m (200 – 328 ft)
Country of ManufactureCN

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25m (82 ft.), 50m (164 ft.), 75m (246 ft.), 100m (328 ft.)


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