Mirage Webbing

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mi•rage (mɪˈrɑʒ)

n. An optical phenomenon that creates the illusion of water, often with inverted reflections of distant objects, and results from distortion of light by alternate layers of hot and cool air. Also called fata morgana.

We are very proud to introduce you to our new Mirage webbing. A strong, rounded edge and beautiful webbing that is very enjoyable to walk on. Its weave is composed of micro polyester fibres that allow a soft feeling on the feet when walking barefoot or when catching it. The Mirage has been designed for performance and comfort. Its bright double-sided blue and yellow colors make it great for spotting twisted ends as well as setups under bright/dark conditions; blue when bright and yellow when dark. Designed in Canada and manufactured using top quality materials according to European and North American standards.


Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS)32.4 kN (7,284 lbf)
Working Load Limit (WLL)6.4 kN (1,456 lbf)
Webbing Weight65 g/m
Webbing Width1.00″ (25mm)
Webbing Thickness0.13″ (3.2mm)
Elongation @ 10 kN7%
Elongation @ 12 kN9%
WeaveFlat with Rounded Edges
Country of ManufactureIT

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Custom length – by the meter $2.80 ($0.85/ft), 15m (49 ft), 25m (82 ft), 50m (164 ft), 75m (246 ft), 100m (328 ft), 125m (410 ft), 150m (492 ft), 200m (660 ft), 250m (820 ft), 300m (1000 ft)

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