Primitive Kit – 25m (82ft)


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This legendary kit is the first one used to slackline since the invention of this activity. Still the favourite kit for most rock climbers! Light and compact, can be taken to any trip when weight is an important factor. Take it with you to your hiking adventures or just to slackline at the park with friends. The low stretch polyester webbing allows less sagging, hence it can be set at lower heights than kits that come with nylon webbing.

Great for beginners, travellers, urban lines, rodeo lines, water lines.

Note: 1″ kits are usually a bit more learning challenging than 2″ kits. Set up time is also a bit longer than kits with ratchets.


  • 25m/82ft of flat polyester Alfa webbing (low stretch)
  • 2 anchor slings (2m and 3m)
  • 3 oval aluminum carabiners (22 kN)
  • 2 aluminium rings (25 kN)
  • 1 pair of Tree Protectors
  • 1 reusable bag

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