Trickline Puma – 17m (56ft) Orange


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Product Description

Our Puma is a great trickline made with fluorescent orange webbing which creates a beautiful visual effect and is very visible, even at night! Its rubber coat provides better grip when performing jumps or tricks. Now more durable and dynamic than its predecessor, the Absolute Puma 3.0 comes with a backup line to add safety when using high tensions. This trickline is the perfect slackline kit for beginner and intermediate slackliners. However, it can also be upgraded with an extra ratchet (Classic or Jumbo) and/or a Soft Detensioner to transform it into an Pro Trickline!


  • 50 mm wide (2-inches) 17m (56ft) Fluorescent Orange Webbing
  • One ratchet for easy assembly and disassembly with safety lock (Classic or Jumbo)
  • 2.5m (8ft) Back-up Line
  • One Slackline Manual
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Rubber Coat for better grip
  • UV Protection
  • Max Tension: 3T

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Additional Information

Ratchet Size

Classic, Jumbo Ergo


What is the advantage of having the Jumbo ratchet instead of the Classic ratchet?

The Jumbo Ergo ratchet’s advantages are:

– It is easier to set higher tensions when tricklining due to the length of the handle.
– It is easier on your wrists as you will need less strength to set a desired tension.
– This ratchet is designed to stand higher forces that could damage a small Classic ratchet when over tensioning.

A disadvantage of the Jumbo ratchet is that it is a bit heavier than the Classic ratchet (about 1 kg heavier).

Would you recommend a kit with Jumbo ratchet for an occasional slackliner?

A kit with Jumbo ratchet is recommended for those who plan to trickline on a regular basis or when setting tighter lines. Frequent use and abuse of the equipment can cause ratchet failures and/or wear your gear more rapidly. Since a Jumbo ratchet is sturdier and can help you set higher tensions easily, that would be the best option regardless of your level or purpose. However, for occasional slackliners or travelers who only want to walk and bounce a bit and/or carry less weight, the kit with the Classic ratchet may be a good option.

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