Slacklining Safety Guidelines

Here are the recommended guidelines to follow for a safe slacklining practice:

  1. Never leave your slackline unattended
  2. Always use Tree Protectors (or towels or anything sturdy to protect the trees)
  3. Use visible marks hanging from the line
  4. If tricklining or setting with a lot of tension always BACK UP your ratchet, so it won’t become a projectile if it fails
  5. Don’t allow kids (unless with their parents ASSISTANCE and Consent) or adults to use slacklines unless you let them know about the risks (and even then, a verbal warning may not be sufficient)
  6. Only use healthy trees that are at least 25cm in diameter
  7. Use other obstacles or music to make sure that people (and bikers) can see the slackline
  8. Don’t set your slackline in places where it could become an obstacle in case of public danger (e.g.: in case of a fire where the slackline is close to the exit)
  9. Never set your slackline in bike paths
  10. Always use common sense

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